ArtAmore Shop in Sitges

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We are specially happy to write about ArtAmore, a shop placed at the heart of Sitges. The story of ArtAmore and Dr. Únic started at the same time: we decided to make Dr. Únic public in the exhibition Drap Art 2014, at CCCB (Barcelona) – and they, Eva and David, were looking for products for his new project, a shop full of love. Hand-made decorating objects for homes – artistic recycling, sculpture, interior design living together happily under the same roof. Original objects from different artists sharing the same philosophy – the passion of making top-quality products with our own hands and with real care.

It was love at first sight and our tap lamps, racquet mirrors, spoon candle-holders, tap clothes hangers and bottle lamps soon became part of ArtAmore family. Ever since we have been present there and we are walking the same path together. There you can find original objects made of recycled materials and vintage decoration pieces, as long as steel and wooden sculptures or painting exhibitions. You can also enjoy their workshops or ask for any custom-made product – even interior design projects for your home, restaurant or shop! With this nice weather coming, we invite you to go for a walk to the cozy town of Sitges – sip a drink, bath in the sun and the sea, wander about the tiny streets and take a trip through the atmosphere of ArtAmore shop. Eva and David  will take care of you as if you were at home because, as the song goes, “my home is yours – if homes are anyone’s“.

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