Dr. Únic at Alis’ shop in Gràcia

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You can now find us at the heart of our beloved Gràcia district, in Barcelona. We are at Alis shop (Carrer de Sant Cristòfol 13, 08012, Barcelona). Mally and Alon are the hands, head and heart of this cozy shop located side by side of the Mercat de la Llibertat.

As they like to say, Alis it’s their second home. The place they welcome visitors to make them feel at home. That is why tthey are constantly searching for spaces that combine functionality, beauty and identity. The combination of knowledge of Mally, a restorer, and Alon, an industrial designer, brings the possibility to create unique and homey spaces.

Restored furniture in a vintage fashion, decoration complements and warm lights bring life to this shop. There you can find that unique piece that gives personality to your place and you can also order your custom project, exchange ideas for new projects and share their philosophy about what they think interior design should be. As they suggest, a home should look more like a collection than a design.

At their online shop you will be able to travel through time and space and get an idea of all their products. Also, if you like to be well informed and see where are the trends going, you can always visit their very active blog: “Alisia’s worlds”.

From now on our Dr. Únic’s products will be part of the Alis family. Our tap lamps, magazines hanger, bottle lamps, old kitchenware lamps, candle holders, copper candlesticks and so on will live with their furniture and vintage complements, being part of Mally and Alon’s universe.

See you at Alis shop!

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