Dr. Únic featured in TV3 “Ja t’ho faràs” programme!

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The TV3 programme “Ja t’ho faràs” (“Do It Yourself”) has visited and recorded us for an upcoming documentary. As they define themselves the programme is based on DIY culture and brings a practical space about recycling, retrieving and handiwork, where they strive to reuse old and broken stuff lying around houses and giving it a second life. They repair, transform, decorate… And teach us to stitch, sew, decorate albums or fix our clothes. “Ja t’ho faràs” is not a home repair programme, even if they saw, nail and paint. It is about how we can change our domestic environment with bright ideas and imagination… and with our hands, not needing much money! Rafel Vives is an uncommon programme conductor: handyman, atrezzist, actor, interior designer… He’s worked behind the cameras in cinema, theatre and TV. That is why getting call from him showing interest in our products made us grin, because we share the same philosophy and feel proud! They are preparing the third season of this successful programme – they told us that it’s not just the great audience ratings but that they have received many messages suggesting a push toward recycling consciousness in our society, and toward valuing everyday art. Thus, in-between relaxed discussions about art, music and trends, TV3 cameras visited Dr. Únic last Thursday and recorded carefully what happens there everyday: past objects transform into useful present – lamps, clothes hangers, candlesticks, tables and mirrors… They are the true main characters in Dr. Únic.

You’ll see us soon in one of the episodes of “Ja t’ho faràs” new season thanks to all the programme’s team. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, we encourage you to visit this curious and funny recycling space at http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/ja-tho-faras/

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