New Kichen Collection

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Have you ever wished to read under the light of an old teapot, or light your kitchen with your grandma’s kitchenware your grandma used? Dr. Únic presents a new collection inspired by the kitchenware left forgotten: coffe machines, milk cans, marmites, corkscrews become lamps, wall appliqués, or clothes hangers that bring a new air not just to your kitchen but also to halls, dining rooms or even one-room lofts. This new collection seeks to open a new gap in interior design for restaurants and bars.

We have found kithenware from different materials: aluminium, tin, and china – materials that have fled our homes but used to live there not long ago. We have been rummaging among fairs and antiquarians and present this new collection that keeps growing, putting together the romanticism of ancient objects with the pragmatism of current design. The charm of these objects resides not just in the hardness and durability of the materials but in the tailoring to a new usage. Every utensil we have found are different and need an individual work to give them a new life. We have strived to alter them the least we could and simply redress them to gain a new use. Nonetheless, our eagerness to shape top-quality products have led us to combine different materials – wood being the main element of the light mountings.

The outcome is really impressive and gives us that Únic product‘s grin: originality, recycling, reusing and our unique dab. We are still working on our collection – if you have old, vintage, or jus suggestive kitchenware, do not hesitate to contact us; we will think over them in order to put them back into your lifes!

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