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Welcome to Dr. Únic‘s new website. We are very happy to share with all of you this unique environment where you can see our work, ask questions, make suggestions and order any piece you want to give a dab of personality to your favourite corner.

We like to wander about town’s fairs, old houses, flea markets, antiquarians… and find that ancient object that has lost its use, covered in dust. We decontextualise it in order to give them a new usage, a second life. And we do all of this because we love to recall the trade of craftsmanship, to work with our bare hands craftsmanike, really caring for every detail. Because we sense it is sustainabler to recycle and reuse than produce from scratch again and again. Because of an ecological conscience. Because, all in all, we love what we do. We heard people calling it ‘a vintage look’, ‘industrial’, ‘recycled’ – call it what you like but despite the trends we will keep working to retrieve objects and bring some beauty to he table.

Be very welcome to Dr. Únic‘s world, our little unique land!


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