Unique designs from Dr. Únic

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Post published at Beyond Gaudí blog by Andy Allen

One of the cool things about many the old masias (farmhouses) in the Catalan countryside is the ornate old-style brass taps you sometimes find them. Barcelona-based design duo, Dr. Únic, (or “Unique”) has, ahem… “tapped” into Catalonia’s plumbing heritage to give us some eye-catching lamps. The duo’s lamps use vintage spigots and tubing as a lamp base. Add an artfully aged piece of recycled wood and you have a stylish wall sconce.

Dr. Únic is made up of David Garriga, a graphic designer and graphic merchandising specialist Ignasi Izquierdo – a pair of lifelong friends who started making recycled designs on a Friday afternoon and grew their business as they started getting commissions from friends. David said that the pair currently sourced taps from local markets mainly in the Empurda, as well as the masias. The wood is mostly found in the street.

I can imagine these guys would go down a storm selling their wares at the local craft fairs and markets in a place like the UK, where the kind of antique plumbing used in their lamps just isn’t easily found any more. They Dr. Únic range also has floor lamps made from vintage beer and water bottles, a spectacular candleabra fabricated from old tubing and mirrors developed from old tennis rackets.

You can see Dr. Únic at Drap Art, CCCB. 2, 3 y 4 January, where they will be launching some new pieces.

Just what the doctor ordered!

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